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Week 9 HUM 176 assignment Part one As a director of a local television station I my responsibilities are to my local audience first. The vote for city council to close 3 city parks a week to save money will impact the daily live of citizen with children in that area. My immediate response to the local public is priority. As the director, this must be the lead story compared to a celebrity dying, which is national news. It is unethical to not include the celebrity in my report. News excerpts are in time slots anyway, I will be spending more time getting the local public response to such an event happening in the area. Modern delivery on TV and via internet interaction is an advantage. You may lose your age group demographic depending on what stations you are covering the story. Cable TV is apt to post the national news first…show more content…
TV, radio, and internet. It is important to keep some form of media outlet around in case of emergencies. Having multiple news sources is an advantage of modern media. Some disadvantages would be hearing the same story over and over with no resolve or ending. In the past, families had to gather round the radio to get their news, or wait days until it came in the paper, only getting the scoop, after the fact. Today we have better, more reliable resources to get news to the general public quickly, and effectively, hit large group clusters of our audience. More people in more places. This is the main benefit we have today. With our climate continuously, ever changing, and fear of terrorist attacks and the outcome of this Iraq war, the country and other countries need to know what is going on at home and around the world. Direction of the news station will primarily depend on your target audience if it is local TV station or Cable, the audience may be smaller or larger, respectively, or be local or global. This will determine the delivery and priority of the stories report to

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