Hum 105 Critical Thinking Questions

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Eng 096/Hum 105 – The Power of Stories Connected Knower Connected knowers seek to understand others' ideas and points of view, emphasizing the relevance of context in the development of knowledge and the fundamental value of personal experience or purpose. |Name | | |Date | | Claims – a substantial thought, idea, or point. 5 points _____ 1) List all the relevant items within each category. 2) List 2-3 claims for each item – can be a paraphrase, summary,…show more content…
| | |“Topic sentences make a point and give reasons or examples to support it” (Hornbeck). | |MLA Format and Documentation |“The Modern Language Association provides a method for source citation that is used in most humanities courses”| |by Roxy Hornbeck |(Hornbeck). | | |“Put only the page number in parentheses when you have already mentioned the author name” (Hornbeck). | |Critical Think |“No matter the area of study, the application of critical thinking skills leads to clear and flexible thinking | | |and a better understanding of the subject at hand” (DasBender 38). | | |“To be a critical thinker you not only have to have an informed opinion about the text but also a thoughtful…show more content…
Storytelling can be a part of corporate training, public relations, politics, journalism, and| | |of course, the two industries we are going to focus on: grant writing and advertising”(Ramsdell 282). | |Critical Thinking by DasBender|“You will often come across critical thinking and analysis as requirements for assignments in writing and | | |upper-level courses in a variety of disciplines. Instructors have varying explanations of what they actually | | |require of you, but, in general, they expect you to respond thoughtfully to texts you have read” (DasBender | | |38). | | |“A critical thinker is always a good reader because to engage critically | | |with a text you have to read attentively and with an open mind, absorbing new ideas and forming your own as you| | |go along”(DasBender 40).

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