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Dr. Paul King Spring 2013 Humanities 102 Essay 2 Write a minimum 4-page essay (not including the Works Cited). Essay Question This is an analytical essay dealing with fiction. Therefore, it must analyze at least one of the short stories we read in class this semester. This is a research paper. You must incorporate at least 2 sources in your paper that are peer reviewed: books and/or research articles from peer-reviewed journals. No sources in this paper are to be from other internet sources, such as Sparknotes, dictionaries, encyclopedias, other websites, etc. If you use these type of sources your grade will be reduced by half a letter grade for each source you use. This essay is specifically about analyzing the text, not summarizing it. Therefore, in answering this question you must use quotes from the text (be sure to cite in MLA format with both in-text and Works Cited citations. See The Little Seagull Handbook or Purdue OWL). One way to get ideas for this paper is to go to the library and search through the various secondary sources on any one of our authors. This may seem like a lot of work, but actually it’s quite efficient. Below are some possible topics for your essay. If you have another idea that you’d like to write about, please feel free to do so. Note that the sub-questions are there to get you thinking about your idea, so I’m not suggesting that you should address each sub-question in your essay. Remember: the key to writing a good essay is to focus your thesis as narrowly as you can. 1. This question deals with characterization. How would you describe one of the characters from any of our readings this semester? As a way of starting, you might want to make a list of their likes and dislikes, personality traits, appearance, and their intellectual, emotional and spiritual lives. Include textual references in your

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