Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard 4 Character Analysis

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This is the character analyisis of 4 Characters of Hullabaloo in the Guava orchard. These descriptions are based on the later chapters so it is maybe good to read the book up to chapter 20 before reading this. The characters are Pinky, Kulfi, The Monkeys and the Spy PINKY: As we know from previous chapters, Pinky has had a terrible experience with the monkeys at the marketplace. But, she has met the Hungry Hop boy, whom she fell in love with. Untill this moment, Pinky has never considered this boy an attractive or significant character, but now she discovered his sense of humor, which makes her think different about him. Another thing she has realized is that she has never payed much attention to her brother’s situation, because she didn’t find it of any importance. But suddenly, she had a realization. And this happened at the same time as her encounter with the Hungry Hop boy. Ever since she was born, she had felt exasperation in relation to him. But now, she seems to understand his necessity and search for freedom and the way he thinks about the world. We suddenly feel surprised, because she goes and asks advice from her brother, a thing that she has never done before. And Pinky suddenly explodes, like a firework, because she can’t keep her feelings to herself anymore. She goes to town, goes towards the Hungry Hop boy with the intention of telling him that she wants his attention, but does something that may push him away forever. She has the intention of kissing him, but changes her mind and abruptly bites off a part of his ear instead. SPY: This character appears when the Atheist Society sends him to investigate the facts behind Sampath’s confusing knowledge. He is constantly at the orchard, developing different methods of prooving Sampath is no more than an insincere liar. He tries questioning him, and writes everything down on a school notebook. We

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