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Hula To live on the stage whole of my life, I want to be a hula dancer and a hula dance teacher in Japan. I really like to perform on the stage. In Japan, taking hula lessons is booming, because Japanese people believe dancing hula can make their body skinny and it is fun to dance with slow and beautiful Hawaiian songs. This booming began these days. Therefore there are still just a few teachers and professional dancers in Japan, so this career as a hula dancer and hula dance teacher is remarkable and it has a lot of opportunities for hula dancers. I found there are some advantages and disadvantages to be a hula dance teacher and hula dancer in this research. By researching for this career, I could think about this career objectively. A college education is not essential for employment as a professional dancer (career kokua). So I can obtain degrees in unrelated fields to prepare myself for careers after dance. Hula dancers are just required self-discipline, patience, perseverance, and a devotion to dance. Good health and physical stamina are also necessary attributes. Then dancers must have flexibility, agility, and grace, a sense of rhythm, a feeling for music, and a creative ability to express myself through movement (U.S. Department of Labor). A college degree is not needed but training with a professional teacher as well as experience is needed. Hula dancers have a chance to grow reputation by good dance performance on the stages (U.S. Department of Labor).This point is totally different from office workers. By more frequent work, bigger and better roles, and higher play, dancer can grow their reputation. If a dancer gets a reputation, dancer can have a chance to work as a choreographer (U.S. Department of labor). Hula dance teachers can enjoy working with children, young people and adults. Their primary duties are planning

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