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Nowadays, all around the world humans are facing a major problem, which is discrimination. Discrimination in which is a distinguishing treatment of a person based on race, sex, ethnicity religion and gender usually occurs every day, and all the time. How would you feel if it was one of your family members who were getting discriminated against? How would you feel if by any chance, one of your relatives had suicidal thoughts due to a group of people, with a manner of cruelty? As might be expected, having thoughts around the question itself is unpleasant then what about the thousands of individuals who get discriminated every single day? Therefore, since all varieties of discrimination concern me, the three major types in which this essay will focus on or discuss about is racism, religion and ageism. Racism has existed throughout human history. It can be defined as the belief that a particular race is superior to another. As a matter of fact, racism did have an impact on slavery and wars in the previous years. However, what people are not aware of these days is that a race is what describes an individual. Being born black or white is permanent, yet attitudes of people turn to stereotyping and so on, and the fact that no body can make a change to his skin color is what appears to makes racism an offensive or in other words and insolent topic. In reality, every year per every population of one hundred thousand people either "black or white" get suicidal thoughts due to discrimination in which is racism. Besides, 20% of the world is affected by racism every year outside Saudi Arabia, therefore how would you feel if it was you? For me, it's certainly like being accused of a crime I never committed which is what makes racism unjust to the human world. Islam provides humans with sufficient human rights in order to live in justice. According to my religion, insulting other

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