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Nicole El-Amin Professor Ham-Kucharski ENGL 1302.4426 April 21, 2011 Revolutionist and freedom fighter, Huey P. Newton, was one of the two founding members of the original Black Panther Party. He organized the panthers in order to take on the police brutality towards the black community. Newton advocated self defense and black independence. “We have two evils to fight, capitalism and racism. We must destroy both racism and capitalism.” (Newton) He believed in promoting empowerment and fighting to erase racism between the people. Armelia and Walter Newton bore their son on February 17, 1942 in the small city of Monroe, Louisiana. Huey Percy Newton was the youngest of seven children and was given his name after Huey Long, a Louisiana senator. In 1945, the Newton family traveled to Oakland, California seeking to improve their quality of life. Walter Newton Sr., Newton’s father and his two older brothers; Melvin and Walter “Sonny Man” Newton were the most influential in his early childhood development. (Wilson) While his brothers taught him the importance of education, his father used spirituality and common sense in order to show his sons the importance of contradicting white racial discrimination. Education in a controlled classroom was not of Newton’s liking. Most of his education is accredited to the street life. He did manage to graduate from high school after several expulsions and some time spent at a juvenile detention center. Throughout his teen years, he was arrested several times but not once did he allow his arrest record to stop him from accomplishing many achievements. Contrary to popular belief, Huey was a very intelligent man. He may have come from the “streets” however; it did not alter his starvation for more knowledge. After graduating high school, Newton studied under his brother Melvin before entering into college himself. In the

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