Huey Long: A Powerful Governor

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Huey Long a Powerful Governor Although Huey Long was considered a dictator by many his controlling power that he had over the state of Louisiana and its citizens was good even with its bad points. A champion of the common people, Long fought for their rights, as well as to have control over some of their rights. Longs opponents called him a “dictator” and most Louisiana citizens simply called him the “Kingfish” . Before becoming governor of the state of Louisiana Long held many public jobs in the state of Louisiana that made him a strong candidate for governor. He was a lawyer in Winnfield, Louisiana, a state railroad commissioner for the northern district of Louisiana, and Louisiana’s chairman of the Public Services Commission. All of…show more content…
It was disguised, but only thinly and the effectual result was to lodge all the power of the State in the hands of one man” ( New York Times 1935) himself Huey Long. In his own State of Louisiana he showed how it is possible to destroy self-government in more than one way while still maintaining its ostensible and legal form. He considered Louisiana to not only be the state he presided in, but something he owned. He showed his personal emotion about his state and used his authority in many ways to his advantage. To keep his state running by his rules Huey Long used his power as governor to give the citizens of Louisiana tax exemptions, end the poll tax, cut automobile taxes and put heavier taxes on utilities and corporations. Through his own personal hands, Huey Long gathered and controlled every state and parish office, including the public buildings and the workers in it. Although Huey Long was a controlling, ambitious man who had to have everything his way he did in fact bring great reforms to the state of Louisiana that we as citizens of Louisiana are benefiting from today. He taught many Louisiana citizens how to fight for the better things in life. Through his dictatorship he has helped to mold and make Louisiana what it is today, a state that hold on no matter what and keeps on fighting through devastating storms and financial hard
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