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Hudson’s bay | Assignment #1 | Business Case | | | 9/24/2013 | | | Case Study: Hudson’s Bay Who They Are: Hudson’s Bay is a retail department store chain that currently operates 90 retail locations throughout Canada. Hudson’s Bay currently concentrates on fashion and fashion accessories from mid to high-level price ranges, as well as home living items, such as bedroom decor, and kitchen goods. Hudson’s Bay operates under the parent company: The Hudson’s Bay Company, which also operates Home Outfitters, and Lord & Taylor locations throughout Canada and the US. History and Vision: The Hudson’s Bay Company, is the oldest retailer in North America. Founded in 1670, it was originally a fur trading post at York Factory. Hudson’s Bay was explored by two French men, who traded house hold items with the Aboriginal Peoples for fur. The Company was eventually taken over by the English with the end of the War in 1773. In 1821 Hudson’s Bay Merged with the North West Company, (its biggest Rival at the time), which led to the companies first initial Growth. In 1818 Hudson’s Bay opened its first department store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and between 1881 and 1960 all other store openings were located in Western Canada. During the 1960s Hudson’s Bay took over Morgan’s, which was a Montreal department store chain located in Quebec and Ontario. Within that year all Morgan’s stores had been converted into Hudson’s Bay Stores. Later in 1964 Hudson’s Bay stores converted their name and logo to be know as simply “The Bay”. In 1989 the company took over the Simpson’s Department store chain in Eastern Canada, and again 1993 Hudson’s Bay acquired the Woodward Stores in Western Canada, which subsequently were converted to Hudson’s Bay Stores. These acquisition and Expansions solidified Hudson’s Bay into the Canadian marketplace as a leader in home and

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