Hucktepp A Dangerous Life Belonging Analysis

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Belonging is about choosing who we are and where we want to be and our sense of belonging comes from a sense of identity. Two texts that relate effectively to the concept of belonging are Dancing by Angelo Loukakis, which takes the form of a short story, and Huckstepp A Dangerous Life, which is a blend of biography and detective novel (book). The short story Dancing deals with theme and issues which relate to a younger audience, and involves cultural identity/ clash between parents and children and lack of connection to culture. Whereas the book, focuses on abandonment and isolation from society/friends etc and also identity. Huckstepp, A Dangerous life by John Dale is a powerful blend of biography and detective writing (biography and bit of detective book) which makes it a highly informative account of what it means to be isolated from one society. Sallie Anne Huckstepp belonged to…show more content…
The audience is challenged throughout the text, as the reader’s assertiveness and insight into Sallies character is provoked through literary techniques, such as simile, symbolism etc. The biography is also a mix of detective novel, so the reader discovers what happened to Sallie and what she stood up against. Her pain and suffering from abandonment is explored and described by Sallie Anne as well as her sister in the following insightful narration. “when pat (sallies mother) abandoned Sallie for the second time, that really fucked her up… when your mother makes a habit of walking out on you, it doesn’t do much for your self esteem” and Sally stated “if only I’d had my mother, things would Have been different”. These lines emphasize the dramatic impact the repeated abandonment had on Sallie, and the course her life took. This amplifies the notion, that what we belong to or don’t feel we belong to defines who we are builds upon our sense of

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