Huckleberry Finn Discussion Questions

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ENGL 204 [ 26 March 2013 ] Huckleberry Finn Discussion Board It is fair to say that Huck's “circumstances and his own moral nature make him the least carefree of boys - he is always “in a pickle” over the predicament of someone else”. Huck has to achieve some sort of balance between his natural inclinations and what he has been taught by society. From reading through this work multiple times, it would seem that Huck is almost obsessed with Tom. It is evident in the things he says such as, “I did wish Tom Sawyer was there”, or “I wish Tom Sawyer was here” and “I reckoned Tom Sawyer couldn't a done it no neater himself”. Those are a few examples which would seem to corroborate with this. At the beginning of the text Huck is part of Tom's
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