Huckleberry Finn Controversey Essay

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Should Huckleberry Finn be banned from high school curriculum? There has been and, most likely, always will be much controversy over The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn being taught in high schools all over America. This book has been under pressure ever since it was published in 1885. To some individuals, the novel is considered one of the best enduring American classics that we have today that is a very important part of our history, and to others it is thought of as a worthless piece of racist trash that only educates children that cheating, lying, stereotyping/discriminating, incorrect grammar and foul language are acceptable behaviors in society. Many people believe that the degrading and disturbing term “nigger” is used unnecessarily and superfluously throughout the novel while others say that it only brings to light the punitive reality of our history. Huck Finn is a very important part of American Literature and demonstrates to students the harsh reality of our past which is why it should not be removed or banned from high school classrooms and libraries. Twain wanted Huck Finn to satirize the South and its slow, painful development of eradicating slavery and achieving racial equality. Throughout the decades, the languages, cultures, and values of the people in the United States have changed drastically. During the time The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was written, the social norm was that slavery was acceptable in most regions of the country and the use of the term “nigger” referred to a person of African descent, most likely a slave. Mark Twain grew up surrounded by this racist influence which explains his intricate knowledge of and emotions towards these stereotypical details in the book. This kind of language that was acknowledged at that time is no longer used today and is considered unacceptable in most contexts, with one of the few

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