Huckleberry Finn Chapter Summaries

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter Summaries Chapter 1: It starts off with our main characters Huck and Tom Sawyer had become rich from all of the treasure they discovered. Later on Huck gets adopted by Widow Douglas. She tries to civilize Huck in many different ways, including giving him new, clean clothes, teaching him about the Bible and God, and trying to educate him on things like spelling and reading. The Widow Douglas' sister, Miss Watson, even comes to try and help. Huck does not want to follow their civilized ways; he just wants to be in his old rags and smoke. Chapter 2: Tom come over and tries to get Huck to go on an adventure with him. As they are sneaking out they encounter a problem. The slave Jim is sitting at the kitchen door. He hears some noise, but doesn’t see anything. Tom then decides to play a trick on him by placing his hat above his head. He then goes around and tells how witches bewitched him. They then meet some of their friends down by the river and crawl into a cave. That’s when tom introduces the “Tom Sawyer’s Gang”. In order for you to get in you have to take an oath and sign your name in blood. But Huck can’t write so he scribbles. Chapter 3: Huck gets in trouble for getting his clothes being dirty, and suggested that he is likely going to hell. Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas try to explain the importance of prayer to Huck. But he does not see a point in it. There's a rumor going around that Huck's drunk, abusive father is dead. But Huck knows that the report is false. Chapter 4: As Huck is coming home one day he sees’s footprints in the snow. He quickly realizes that those are his fathers. So he goes to the judge Thatcher and sells all his money to him for just a dollar. While going back he goes to Jim to get his fortune read by a hairball. As he enters his room he sees his father sitting there waiting for him. Chapter 5: Pap is angry

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