Huckleberry Finn Banned

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay By:Ashley Seiz When you were young, did you ever dream of having great adventures? Wouldn’t you have loved to leave your worries behind and explore the Mississippi River on a raft, just you and a good friend? If anyone ever wanted to know what this would be like, all they would need to do is grab them a copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. This book takes its readers on a great adventure, without them ever having to leave their home. For this reason alone, kids everywhere should have the opportunity to enjoy this classic tale. Not to mention the important lessons in friendship and right versus wrong. This book was banned because of racism,…show more content…
Huck Finn grew up in a society that had a lot of slavery and racism. All his life, Huck had been taught that black people didn’t deserve to be treated the same. But when Huck meets a runaway slave named Jim, he learns for himself that people are people, no matter what. Huck and Jim help each other survive throughout their travels down the Mississippi River. Jim cares about Huck, and Huck realizes that everyone has feelings. When Jim gets captured, Huck has a very strong inner battle. He had been taught that doing something such as helping a slave escape would earn him a lifetime in hell. But once Huck begins thinking of all the things Jim has done for him, he soon decides that he would rather go to hell than let his friend endure a lifetime of slavery. Huck does everything he can to make sure Jim gets free. Besides helping a friend, Huck also shows what happens when you help a stranger. When Huck sees two frauds scamming the Wilkes family out of all the money they had got from their uncles will, Huck decides to tell them the truth, and hope that he doesn’t get into trouble too. Although his plan didn’t work out the way he had wanted, you could still see that his intentions were good. Kids can learn a lot about treating others equally and telling the truth, even if it could hurt them, from reading this
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