Huck Finn Vs The World Analysis

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Huck Finn versus the world In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck, in many different instances is placed in a tight spot when it comes to his will versus what the people around him would do. Huck always seems to find himself in either a moral or an ethical wrong situation in all of his many adventures as he travels down the Mississippi. While he is in some of them he chooses what the rest of the world would do, at least at first, but as he dwells on each instance his individual will wins and he puts his friends above all else. Huck’s one companion that is with him from the get go is in actuality a runaway slave, named Jim. Now Huck has been raised in a world that is completely racist. Hardly anyone he knows doesn’t own at least one slave. Yet Jim, through all their travels together becomes the best of friends and confidants. Jim first tells Huck that he’s “run off” (Twain 37). This is the beginning of their friendship and the start of the ethical…show more content…
His sudden change in thought is all to do with the dead man’s three daughters. Because of how nice they are to Huck, Huck starts to feel as if he is the one that’s “letting him (the king) rob them (the girls) of their money” (Twain 147). This is the turning point of Huck’s straight path to hell as he calls it. From this point on Huck chooses the moral thing to do rather than what he has been conditioned to do. Huck Finn is like so many Americans. The choices that are made are all on account of those around. A decision that at one point would have been out of the question can easily been the only option, when peers are all doing it. The one thing that could save the American people is by making the decision before hand, this small choice could make a choice down the road a lot easier to make if the choice is all ready set in

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