Huck Finn Letter

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Dear Someone, This ain’t gonna be easy ‘cause I don’t know how to tell ya the words I need help! My friend Jim is in trouble and the sort of trouble he is in is something I can’t do a lot about. You see the country I am living in is all messed up. It is kind of broken. If I go up everyone is kind of equal but if I go down no one is close to equal. Blacks are not equal to whites in south but in the north they aren’t either but it is an easier way of living, ya know? Jim is black. Jim and I has been on an adventure for a while. Goin’ down the Mississippi but it wasn’t suppose to be like that. You see, Jim and I wanted to go north, ya know, so Jim could be freed. Jim was Miss. Watson’s slave, I hate that word slave, but Miss. Watson was gonna sell Jim for like 800 dollars, further down south. That is bad. So we was gonna go down the Mississippi ‘til and switch on to the Ohio and head north. That plan ended badly and now we was goin’ south. Down south we met these two crazy folks, the King and Duke. The ain’t my favorite people. I am mad at them. It’s their fault! They are why my father Jim is gone. I hate them! I want Jim back, he is mine! Once the two dumb king and duke was done scamming people up and down the river, they sold him out, just to make money. I could have sold them out a bunch of times because they are disgusting people. They tried to steal money from a dead man’s family. I hate them. I wish they had never joined my adventure. On the raft life was so easy, Jim and I worried about nothing but once the King and Duke came they bossed me around and Jim too! Only I can do that because Jim is mine! After a while the King and Duke left, well got into trouble! Finally gone. Now Tom Sawyer is back. Tom Sawyer is classic for stupid plans. When I say stupid I mean stupid. We are trying to free Jim and Tom wants to dig a hole to China, Jim don’t know

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