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The Dynamic Huck Finn In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, author Mark Twain portrays the main character, Huck Finn, as a dynamic character when Huck reveals the scam to Mary Jane, is unable to pray so that he can turn Jim in, and whether to send a letter to Miss Watson about Jim’s whereabouts proving that Huck’s morals change throughout the novel and he becomes a better person through these changes. While Huck is at the Wilks house, he makes a decision which shows his development as a character. The Wilks’ inheritance money is given to the Duke and the King, who invited the daughters to England with them, even though they are truly scamming them. As Huck is walking around in the Wilks house, he spots Mary Jane packing her stuff to go to England with the “uncles.” He begins to feel troubled because he cares about her and does not want to see her get hurt. Huck reveals that “These uncles of [hers] ain’t no uncles at all-they’re a couples of frauds-regular dead-beats” (Twain 200). Huck’s moral development is portrayed here because he finally warns people about the Duke and the King. Usually, Huck would go along with the criminals and continue the scam, feeling accomplished because he has helped them succeed. He takes a step in the right direction here because he cannot bear to see people he has begun to care about get hurt. The scene of Mary Jane packing for a trip that is not real causes Huck to question himself and whether he should go along with the criminals or do the right thing. Huck’s revelation to Mary Jane makes him feel better because he has helped somebody for the first time. Even though Huck did go along with the criminals for quite some time, he finally turns them in and does the right thing. Huck is developing into a better person because he finally questions why he is helping con-men and he assists their victims. Huck is finally

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