Huck Finn Argumentative Essay

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24. Huck feels bad for the duke and the king, the two people who tried to pretend to get to know jim and huck and get a ride on the raft. Those people are two convicts! 25. Huck wants to help Jim get to the north to become free and beable to let jim meet his family etc. Tom also joins in to help Huck and Jim out to get them up to the north. 26. When Jim and Huck are about to be caught by the local villagers, Tom stepped in to help them and get them out of trouble. Huck and Jim both thank Tom and showed the generosity of him! 27. In 36, Huck and Jim are escaping to the north eventhough they missed the ohio river. 28. Huck lied to Sally and she does not know that. Now Sally doesn’t think that Huck and Jim or Tom have anything

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