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The "N-word" or not? The controversy of great American novel, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", by Mark Twain deals with the use of racial slurs and many other topics that have kept it out of the learning curriculum in schools around the country. The use of the word "nigger" is the main reason for this. This word is both offensive and wrong to use. Schools today should use the original version of this book because people need to be taught that racism was and still is wrong and hurtful and be taught the morality of slavery and how bad of a thing it was. Also by censoring the N-word, it takes away from Twain's purpose of showing the intensity of racism. Censoring the language in this book allows the reader to be more comfortable when reading the book aloud to per say a of students. All kids get nervous enough when having to read in front of their peers. By having to say nigger makes it ten times harder. Use of the word nigger is not a common thing and definitely not a word to use in schools today. Although it may be more comfortable for kids to censor the word, it will take away the learning experience of the horrific times of racism in the time of the book takes place. Kids these day need to know how harsh times were on black people and by censoring nigger in the book would not allow kids to realize that it was terrible and is not tolerable now. Twains purpose in the book is to get the message across to people about racism. He purposely used nigger as much as he did to make a point. There should be no story at all if nigger is taken out. Its like having a movie without a plot or characters. its just a bunch of useless words. Schools today should use the original version of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" because it is a life lesson about racism and by censoring the cruel language such as nigger would take away the purpose of the story that mark

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