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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain’s novel, The adventures of huckleberry Finn, foretells the journey of a young white boy and a former slave searching for freedom. Mark Twain writes about post civil war racsism. Twain uses a powerful word to get his meaning across throughout the whole novel, also showing the way Americans spoke during this time period. Twains uses the word “nigger”, which was acceptable in the post war era. Today, this word is consider as an insult and as a disgrace to the African-American Population. In the novel, The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Mark twain uses one word to show his both anti amd racism towards African-americans in a post civil war society. The Treatment towards jim in Mark twains novel shows racism in the post war era. first, twain uses jims character to satirze african americans in this time period. "jim put the quater under the hair ball, and got down and listened again."( p.18). Jim talking to the so called "magic hair ball" was twains way of satirizing africans americans as superstitious people. Twain also shows racism in this novel with the characters the King and the Duke. " Then at the bottom was the biggest liine of all, which said : LADIES AND CHILDREN NOT ADMITTED..."(p. 150). Durin the new adult men only shows, the king, painted in black, came out on the stage naked. they made fun of all african americans in a cruel, crude way just for dirty humor. these type of shows went on all the time in the 19th century and were called "Minstrel Shows". Lastly, twain shows racism in the novel with the reward for jim. Jim was a run away slave, so for him to captured an brought back, there was a $200 reward on his head. this target made it harder for him and Huck to escape to Ciaro. Before, during and after the civil war, runaway slaves were still a big deal to the south. Racism was portayed in various ways in the

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