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Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn shows the character development of a young teenage boy named Huck Finn. As the reader, I’ve seen Huck develop in character and maturity throughout the entire novel. Huck is searching for freedom from 'sivilisation' during his journey with a runaway slave named Jim. While on their journey Huck has learned to follow his “gut feeling” and to depend on his own intellect. His acceptance of Jim as a person instead of a slave or a “nigger” marks the beginning of his maturity. Huck is a 12 year-old boy, born during the rough times in America. He lives with Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. These women have been trying to 'sivilise' Huck with religion and manners. I believe they both installed the “do right” in Huck. As the story continues, we meet Huck’s father, an abusive drunk called ‘Pap’. When Pap kidnaps Huck, Huck at first, enjoys the freedom from the 'sivilized' life he says “it warn’t long after that till I was used to being where I was and liked it...” Huck eventually came to a realization of the cruelty of society, escaped his father's cabin and faked his own death, then ran off to an island. When he got on the island, he soon found Jim. Jim was a Negro slave owned by Miss Watson. Huck ignores their differences and gains a genuine friendship with Jim, which grows throughout the novel. In the novel, the corruption of society is heavily portrayed. The cruel and irrational people in this book are not “Niggers”, but it is the “sivilized” folk such as Pap and those two conmen. The evildoers are the feuding families, the town’s mob and the people who shoot each other for no reason. Huck has been exposed to the immoral side of society. It’s believed that his experience with this has made Huck able to deal with this society with a skeptical mind. As the friendship between Huck and Jim grows, Huck starts to understand

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