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Fall Semester Examination Essay The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain has been labeled as “objectionable literature” several times in the past. The biggest issue about the novel with parents, teachers, and students is the fact that it contains racist language. Many people believe that this work of literature contains harsh and critical views and language of people and their emotions during that time period; while others may view this type of literature as an informative and realistic view of the world and people during that era. Although the literature may be viewed as “harsh” and “critical”, one must not forget that Twain uses such a language to emphasize the fact that everyone differed in views and educational level. During that era many people were uneducated and also felt that they were superior to other races. Due to this fact many of the literature during this time period contains racist and critical language. However, in order to render a verdict on this book, one must understand both sides of the argument and what they stand for. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn should be banned and not be read and analyzed in junior (11th grade) American English classes because of the novels racist language. The parents may consider it to be a negative influence because of the word choice or diction that Twain uses to convey the story was considered very “coarse” and “uneducated”. To some the literature may feel derogatory to non-whites and non-males. Such is the language when Jim and Huck are conversing about their separation. “Early in de mawnin’ some er de niggers come along, gwyne to fields, en dey tuck me en showed me dis place..” (pg. 114). This type of literature can cause parents to have concern, because there is a lot of racist language involved in the book, and many

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