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Zachary Kotch Huck Finn 5/2/12 A Friend is someone you love and care for and never want to hurt them because you know that they would never hurt you. A friend is someone who goes out of their way to help you and would take a bullet for you. In the novel “Huckleberry Finn” a small boy from the south runs away from on oppressive father and is forced to lie to people to keep his identity unknown. In this turmoil he befriends a runaway slave named Jim. He is pushed between right and wrong in his mind and the society against what to do, help Jim or turn him in. Throughout the novel Huck is forced to Mature faster than his childhood friend Tom. In the novel Tom is a sign of immaturity and childishness. In the poem “the slave auction” by Francis Ellen Watkins Harper, he shows the heartbreak and the pain the slave auctions caused in families. In one sentence it quotes “Young girls were there” this can compare to jims daughter who he loved and because his owner was going to sell him to Orleans he decided to run away so he could later free his family. Also in the poem, it says “Tyrants bartered them for gold” this reminded me of how the duke and the dauphin sold Jim for 40 bucks! Also in the poems some literary techniques were used. In the sentence “And mothers stood, with streaming tears” this is a use of a hyperbole. The author is using the hyperbole to show how dramatic the crying is from the women. The women are crying because they are being torn from their children and their husbands. Almost like how jim was going to be torn from his family. In the poem “I am nobody” by Emily Dickinson it talks of a nobody, a person who is unknown. In the sentence “Then there’s a pair of us- Don’t tell” it reminds me of how Huck and Jim are “banished” because Jim is a runaway and Huck could be killed for helping Jim, so they both are just a “nobody” in their society.

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