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In the society we live in, we are at a constant battle trying to protect the purity of our youth by trying not to expose them to the vulgarity of the community. We protect our youth by censoring certain ideas of having to read such a great novel like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The perspective of the reader must be that the book is not necessarily a racist account of the past. If that had been the case, chapters would be ripped out of history books and even there, the history books present fact, not necessarily opinion. Huck Finn is only slightly different in that it provides satire, in which the institution of slavery is lashed out at and put down as evil. Only through experience and believable characters and situations does the satire of Mark Twain and factuality of slavery come together in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to show how slavery and, essentially, racism, are wicked parts of our past, and sadly, our present. Many parents believe that the novel written by Mark Twain should be banned because it contained a "grotesque example of racist trash." However, Mark Twain's use of language and dialect in the novel helped him bring about the overall feel that he conveyed throughout the book, allowing him to show Huck Finn's attitudes and beliefs concerning the nature of education, slavery, and family values. As the story begins, Huck is portrayed as a young boy who is not very educated nor wishes to be. Huck's moral values were not only the product of his ignorance, but there is a relation between Huck's attitude and his father's attitude when Huck confronts him. Pap is disgusted at the way Huck is becoming more civilized as he tells Huck "...they say you can read and write. You think you re better n your father, now don t you, because he can t?" (19). Maybe this statement shows Huck in disgust by not following the moral values of his father or is it

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