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The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn opposes slavery and promotes racial equality. Mark Twain portrays Jim, a black slave with "human" emotion and kindness to garner the readers' sympathy, which leads people to hate slavery. And through Huck's friendship with Jim, the author portrays a wonderful scene when a black lives equally with a white. Twain also adds some events that happened in the towns along the Mississippi river. This satires the hypocrisy and evil of the society, and it urges for a life of justice among all the races. Jim is a round character in the novel. His experience gets readers' compassion and makes them feel indignant of his injustice. At the beginning of the story, Jim flees from Miss Watson because he does not want to be sold to the south and separated from his family. Any normal person would not like to get separated from their family and would attempt escape if possible. Readers may find a shadow of themselves in Jim and his situation which awakes people's conscience and guides them to oppose the immoral slavery. When Huck talks with Jim about French, he says "I see it warn't no use wasting words -- you can't learn a nigger to argue. So I quit." Huck thinks Jim doesn't know how to argue, yet the fact is from the readers view, Jim's argument is convincing and logical: "Is a cat a man, Huck?" "No." "Well, den, dey ain't no sense in a cat talkin' like a man. Is a cow a man? -- er is a cow a cat?" "No, she ain't either of them." "Well, den, she ain't got no business to talk like either one er the yuther of 'em. Is a Frenchman a man?" "Yes." "WELL, den! Dad blame it, why doan' he TALK like a man? You answer me DAT!" From Jim's inference, he seems smarter than Huck,and in some ways, acts like Huck's father. These all challenge people's past ideas about black slaves. Black slaves have emotions and can think logically, yet they are doing

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