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Huck Finn In the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain shows Huck Finn’s character change throughout the story. Huck’s moral development throughout the story reveals how his childhood beliefs transform as he grows up. In a child’s life, morals change as they become an adult and mature. Huck starts off as by believing what others want him to but as life experiences flows on, Huck’s point of view changes. Huck tells us “People will call me a low down abolitionist” (page 43). As a child, Huck has always been told what to believe in and didn’t really have much of a choice. This is why Huck feels bad when he doesn’t turn Jim in. In chapter 15 Huck says, “It was fifteen minutes before I could work myself up to go humble myself to a nigger.” After many experiences with Jim, he realizes that Jim is a person too. Huck changes his views dramatically about Jim and gives Jim the respect he deserves as in individual. Huck starts to notice when he does bad things because he tells us what he’s thinking. Huck said, “A body who up and tells the truth is taking considerable many risks” (page 188). Huck felt bad for Mary Jane. This situation is eating up his conscious to where he really wants to say something. Huck finally convinces himself, “I’m agoing to chance it; I’ll up and tell the truth this time” (page 188). It finally tears Huck up to the point where he said something. His morals change and he does what he thinks is right even if he could get into trouble. When Huck had the opportunity to leave the Phelps Farm, his guilt decided for him not to go. Huck still struggled with doing the right thing. He tells us, “Laws knows I wanted to go, bad enough, to see about Tom…but she was on my mind” (page 283). Huck really wants to go see how Tom is doing and is fighting internal conflict with himself. He doesn’t want to make Aunt Sally cry again because he feels

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