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Sean Marx HubSpot 1) I’ll start by analyzing if the rule of marketing have changed with the introduction of Web2.0. First of all Web 2.0 is the new era of the internet where the user participates and interacts throughout social medias creating the web experience. There is information sharing, collaboration and a design of the website that is centered toward the user experience. Example of Web 2.0 includes blogs, social networking sites, video sharing, web applications. Because I believe the internet experience has changed from a passive one to an active one in which the user is more involved, I believe that also the rules of marketing have changed and need to change. Traditionally marketing has been done on an outbound basis, direct mail, trade shows, and telemarketing . These tools diminished in effectiveness since the consumer feels bombarded by the daily amount of commercial messages. Therefore, while outbound marketing constitutes a traditional push strategy, inbound marketing presents itself as a typical pull strategy. HubSpot has a core competence in offering a software that helps facilitate inbound marketing, companies have an opportunity to shift their strategies from push to pull with a limited investment and costs. Outbound marketing is not effective because it implies interrupting people lives while the creation of a blog with interesting content attracts the customer that are interested in the product therefore being more effective. Because the internet disrupted the way people obtain information, make purchase decision, share information and it’s probably the tool where consumers and businesses spend most of their day time, the rules of marketing need to change. Both on the B2B and the B2C segment, companies and consumer are increasingly using the internet to make decisions. A company in the pre internet era had to spent a large amount of dollars in

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