Hubis Essay

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Science and Hubris Did you ever think about how you would reheat your leftovers from the night before if you did not have a microwave? Or how you would keep yourself cool during the middle of the summer when it is hot and humid without electricity to run a fan or an air conditioner? Or how would you contact your mother who lives in another town to let her know of an emergency if you did not have a phone or internet access to send an email? In today’s society we all seem take all of these items for granted. And if it wasn’t for science we would not have any of these items. A large number of people don’t care for science and they may even think that it doesn’t matter much, but the truth of it is, is that we are all affected by science each and every day. From the time we wake up to the sound of an alarm clock, to watching the weather forecast, the car we ride to and from work in, and the light that we turn off at the end of the night. Science continues to advance daily. Scientists now have the ability to give a person vision who has never been able to see before, and they can also give one the ability to hear when they have never heard before. Science has also helped in much larger things such as the creation of guns, missiles, nuclear weapons and the atomic bomb. As science continues to advance with new and innovative ideas, will these modern technologies still be for the good of mankind or will they, in the end, destroy the human race? Let’s think about what science is? Science comes from a Latin word scientia, which mean knowledge. It is the search for the truth by using the scientific method. The scientific method, in short, is when you observe, make a hypothesis from you observation, and experiment to see if your hypothesis is true or not. Then you observe again to see if what was learned from the experiment changes what you already know about what

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