Hubert Case Study Health And Social Care

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First of all, after looking at the whole of Hubert’s situation, I have concluded that he is suffering from the chronic type of stress. Furthermore, these were identified by Segerstrom and Miller (2004). This type of stress is long lasting stress. He suffers from this for the reason that he is in debt to many credit cards and one loan company. Also, his partner of 13 years has committed adultery and thus they divorced after 13years of marriage. This is a life changing event for Hubert that has contributed to the stress he is now experiencing. As well as this, Hubert may also suffer from stress as he works in a printing factory doing different shifts each week; such as weekends, evenings and nights. In addition, there could be many potential effects on Hubert’s body, due to the stress he is experiencing. For example, the stress could be having a negative effect on his immune system. Research from Cohen et al (1993) has shown that life stress and negative emotions reduce the effectiveness of our immune system which leaves people more prone to viral infections and stress related illnesses, so this could possibly be the case for Hubert. For example,…show more content…
Hubert works in a printing factory and does different shifts each week. His workplace could therefore contribute to stress as the environment raises hazardous issues. Due to the fact that, the physical arrangement of the work place is a potential source of stress for him. The factory would probably have intense levels of noise and increase in temperature. Moreover there would be no personal space or privacy at a factory. Therefore, Hubert must have a low level of control over his workplace so this could increase his levels of stress. Added to that, the difficulties of having different shifts each week could make his job more of a hassle and would hold high demand from him, so this is the reason why workplace is a factor of stress for

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