Hubba The Tent: An Analysis

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The people of Tatooine always had one big speculating question about their terrible economic depression that had taken place 20 years ago. How could their council have chosen such a fool, Hubba the Tent, as their leader who had started this problem in the first place? Why had they chosen this warmonger, a-good-for-nothing, corrupted warmonger as the Chancellor of Tatooine? Why had they not chosen his much more intelligent twin brother and also an adopted human son of Jabba the Hut, Bubba the Yurt, who would have steered the nation to prosperity? Pushing aside the games in the realm of politics, these questions can be answered by the birth defects in one of the twins and their summoning to the Royal Consulate of Tatooine. Bubba, of the two twins,…show more content…
The tall blond twins had entered the massive conference room, a massive library with plush red couches and a hard tile floor. Hubba went forth and thoroughly greeted, bowed down and shook the hands of all the councilmen. Bubba, however, was not too professional on his performance. Simply closing his eyes, scared to meet in the eyes with these men, he shook their hands like a dead fish, shaking as if he were having a spasm. One time, he even accidentally slapped Admiral Akbar in his mussel, freaking the Admiral to shout “It’s a trap!” And then the troops rushed in with their blasters locked and loaded. Madam Lucretia had to assert order back into the group with a loud shout. Along the entire duration of the meeting, Hubba would look them straight in the eye and answer with, n strange, almost evil, smirk. At the end of his answers, Hubba would move his hands to his chin and start choking his long beard as if he was an evil plotter. Bubba, however, actually would rarely ever look at his audience at all. He would flail his arms around at times, when his brother was speaking, freaking out Admiral Akbar. He The start of this meeting already shows how poor Bubba was in his communication and tactile skills and why he was not selected for Chancellor. This is very much similar to his ancestor John Elder. As John Elder has written in his memoir, “Well, I thought, that certainly describes me. Not looking a people, making the wrong expressions, and gesturing when I should be still…that was me all right, and it wasn’t good,” (Robison 236). Similar to John Elder, Bubba has used tactile skills improperly; making motions at the wrong times, poor eye contact and constant motion that impedes the conversation too. Hubba however, did not have to struggle

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