Hua Hsu's Essay 'The End Of White America'

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Read Hua Hsu's essay "The End of White America" and consider his ideas about the possibilities of a post-racial America. On page 500 he directly addresses the position of Pat Buchanan (which we read last week) that cultural diversity is a weakness. These are two very different takes on the kind of America that will emerge as your generation comes of age. Take a position on the future of the United States and its changing demographics. Is our increasing diversity a strength or a weakness? Support your argument with appropriate evidence and examples. The United States is an ever changing, young country. Thought history we haven’t been the nicest people, but as we evolve as a country and reflect back on our actions, we may be able to raise a generation without hate. Our changing demographics are making us a stronger country. The majority is becoming more even with the minority. This evening out of America, forces the majority to accept the beliefs of others. We are the post-racial America.…show more content…
It’s a never ending cycle. If the parents are unable to change their view America would never have changed. Hua Hsu’s essay was published in New York and Boston, two Mecca’s of politics and cultural diversity. Hua Hsu employs the use of logos in order to persuade his older, more determined audience to see his point. “…blacks and Hispanics, East Asians and South Asians- will account for a majority… by the year 2042” “every child born in the United states… will belong to the first post- white generation” Not only is the American mindset turning away from white supremacy but our bodies are doing the same. Hardly child in America is a hundred percent of any nationality. For example I am 3/8 Irish 1/8 French 2/8 German and 2/8

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