Htc Wildfire Manual Essay

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Your HTC Wildfire S User guide HTC Hotline Support: 1866-449-8358 7 days a week 6am EST to 1am EST 2 Contents Contents Getting started Inside the box HTC Wildfire S Back cover SIM card Storage card Battery Switching the power on or off Entering your PIN Finger gestures Setting up HTC Wildfire S for the first time Ways of getting contacts into HTC Wildfire S Home screen 8 8 10 10 13 14 17 17 17 18 18 19 Basics Adjusting the volume Sleep mode Status and notifications Notifications panel Connecting HTC Wildfire S to a computer Copying files to or from the storage card Copying text, looking up information, and sharing 21 22 22 25 27 27 28 Personalizing Making HTC Wildfire S truly yours Personalizing HTC Wildfire S with scenes Changing your wallpaper Applying a new skin Personalizing your Home screen with widgets Adding icons and other shortcuts on your Home screen Adding folders on your Home screen Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on your Home screen Rearranging the Home screen Using sound sets Changing your ringtones and alarms Rearranging or hiding application tabs 30 30 31 32 32 33 34 34 35 36 37 38 Phone calls Different ways of making calls Making a call on the Phone dialer screen Using Speed dial Calling a phone number in a text message 39 39 40 40 3 Contents Calling a phone number in an email Making an emergency call Receiving calls What can I do during a call? Setting up a conference call Internet calls Using Call history Using Home dialing Call services Turning Airplane mode on or off 41 41 42 43 45 45 46 47 48 49 Search and Web browser Searching HTC Wildfire S and the web Using the web browser Downloading from the Web Viewing bookmarks and previously visited pages Setting browser options 50 51 54 54 56 Accounts and sync About online accounts Synchronizing with a Google Account Adding a social network

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