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Johns Hopkins Medicine: A Top 20 Hospital Health Services Management DeVry University January 30, 2014 Abstract What makes a top hospital? Johns Hopkins Medicine is one of the top 20 hospitals in the United States. This paper will provide information on how hospitals are ranked, and why Johns Hopkins Medicine ranks in the top 20. I will explore Johns Hopkins Medicines health system; analyze its services, strategic plan and organizational structure. The information I provide in this paper is based on readings from assigned text, and research from online and offline resources. Johns Hopkins Medicine: A Top 20 Hospital Each year, in July, U.S. News updates The Best Hospital rankings. 16 specialties are scored and ranked based on certain criteria and statistical information. 4,806 U.S. hospitals were evaluated for the 2013-14 year. Initially each hospital has to meet one of the four criteria to be considered in the ranking: “teaching-hospital status, medical school affiliation, bed size of 200 or more, or bed size of 100 or more plus availability of four or more specific types of medical technology such as a PET/CT scanner and certain precise radiation therapies”. 2,262 out of the initial 4,806 met the above criteria. (Comarow 2013) Hospitals are then evaluated to see if they meet standards for the specialty ranking. Hospitals have to treat a set amount of patients, which varies depending on the specialty field. “A certain number of Medicare inpatients discharged from 2009 to 2011 who had had certain specialty-related procedures and conditions, each at a specifically defined level of severity and complexity.” (Comarow 2013) Hospitals are also eligible for ranking if over one percent of physicians nominated the hospital in that specialty, through reputational surveys taken from the most
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