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HSM 544 Week 7 Course Project Latest https://hwguiders.com/downloads/hsm-544-week-7-course-project-latest/ HSM 544 Week 7 Course Project Latest Course Project – Guide Requirements: Write a research paper (not less than 18 pages or more than 22 pages) double spaced based on your chosen subject, in which you convince your readers to support your recommendation. Introductory material: Cover letter or memo, title page, table of contents, executive summary: Body of the report: Introduction, conclusions, recommendations, findings, and methodology, organized clearly with effective headings and subheadings: Supplementary information: Appendixes, exhibits (supplementary charts and graphs) and a list of illustrations, if appropriate. Use Applied Business Research Techniques: Guide your approach to solving the business problem and use tools such as the Internet, Keller’s Virtual Library, and other on-line and in-library resources to conduct business research to gather information and support for your proposal. Go to http://www.google.com for a good research engine. Using Keller’s Virtual Library: Log on to http://library.devry.edu/ through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and browsers (such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer), click on Graduate Resources and follow the instructions on the page. Follow the simple on-line instructions to conduct your information search. The home page has an easy-to-use Help Guide that provides an overview of the database and answers to specific questions about usage. Tips for Success Getting started:. Good communication begins with critical thought. Think about the chosen subject. -Who is your audience? -What is your purpose? -What do you know about the situation? Let your answers to those three (3) questions guide you as you research your topic, acquire information, and develop your business

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