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Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study HSM/230 What are some potential legal and ethical issues present in this case study? There many legal issues present such as the fact that if someone falls down and injuries themselves and there is definitely nothing in terms of safety rails of nonslip treads, we have a lawsuit waiting to happen. Ethically Mark did not care at all about the clients that reside in the retirement community. How would you characterize the director’s behavior? Clearly Mark was a director that showed no concern at all for the clients and I believe that he mishandled the funds. He only went to work for a paycheck and not because he cared. Is the director an ethical role model? The director is not an ethical role model at all. Were the director’s messages congruent with the organization’s stated mission? The director’s messages were definitely not congruent with the organizations stated mission at all. He clearly let Sarah know that he wanted her to mind her own business and stay in ‘her lane’. He was the type of director that showed shady business practices. What impact did the director’s actions and attitudes have on the Acre Woods culture? The impact is critical regarding the patients and that of their families and future residents of Acre Woods. When the residents expressed their concerns, their requests fell on deaf ears. Also when the director was asked to visit because of the critical issues, he pushed it off until next quarter clearly showing no concern at all. He definitely needed to be

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