Hsm/210 Week 2 Essay

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HSM/210 WEEK 2 INDIVIDUAL July 22, 2012: Some of the current needs for the elderly to find affordable housing is not enough housing units, safe environments, easy access, and good locations. Elderly people looking for affordable housing through local public housing may find that they will be placed on a waiting list because there are no units available. If there is a unit available it may be in an area where crime, drugs, and gangs are high, making the area unsafe for elderly people. Some of the units may have stairs which is not easy access for someone who is elderly. These units could be in areas where there are no grocery stores or drug stores in walking distance for an elderly person who does not drive or has a hard time walking long distances. This could make it difficult on an elderly person. Some obstacles that are preventing resolutions of these problems are funding to open more units in safer areas for the elderly and finding locations to put more units. There are a few human service programs addressing the problem. County housing authorities of course is trying to help; they are also trying to keep their units safe from gangs, crime, and drugs. Human Service in the county is helping the problem by offering to pay deposits and first months’ rent to elderly people who choose not to use public housing. After searching the internet for a credible source that discusses the problem this target population faces, I found a site called USDA Rural Development. This site says, “Each person experiences the aging process differently. Some people are able to maintain lifelong health and independence, while others find that they face increasingly more difficult challenges to their ability to take care of themselves. Adding urgency to this question is the fact that America’s elderly population is growing

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