Hsie Syllabus Aim Essay

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EDST 1200 Assignment 1 Human Society and its Environment’s aim is to develop values, attitudes, skills and knowledge and understanding in students. The values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding allow students to grasp a sense of belonging within their community and a feeling of personal, national and global identity. Students are able to take part to maintain and help the environment and in their society. The elements within the syllabus are all needed to successfully achieve the aim of the syllabus. The syllabus identifies how knowledge and understandings, skills, values and attitudes interact and form relationships and gather perspectives from students. Through analyzing the syllabus it is evident to construct information by using the pages 5-14 including introduction rationale, aim and objectives and overview of learning in Human Society and its Environment and can determine whether the model is achievable, whether it gives direction and meaning. By using the sections of the syllabus pages 5-14 knowledge needs to be gained to see if the sections support each other or if one section appears to have a greater importance than another. A response is formed by using pages 5-14 of the Human Society and its Environment K-6 syllabus. Page five of the HSIE syllabus is the introduction where the key learning areas are introduced. These key learning areas develop ideas within students about the social and physical environment and people that surround them. The elements or key learning areas; knowledge and understandings, skills, values and attitudes is a progress where students learn through experiences. Within these elements are four strands; change and continuity, cultures, environments and social systems and structures (2006). These subject areas or strands are to ensure that the syllabus content is covered (Lecture 2 30/7/08). History is shown through

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