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Hsi Lai Temple The religion I chose to do my field trip report on was Buddhism. I made this decision because the religious values and the theories and beliefs in the religion catch my attention. I chose to attend the Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights. I went on Sunday, April 27 to attend the Dharma service that was held at 10:30am. My own religious background is comprised of a mixture between Roman Catholic and Christian in my childhood. But as I have grown and matured I choose not to follow any religion because of the eccentric beliefs that cannot be proven that are similar in most religions. What I have read and know about Buddhism, it seems to emphasize more on one’s spirituality and harmony with nature than believing in a “GOD”. This…show more content…
In the Bodhisattva Hall you will find the diamond sutra written all over the entire wall. It teaches Buddha’s emphasis on non-attachment and on emptiness. The room also contained statues of the five Bodhisattvas. The room was real relaxing to just step foot in. most of the services held at the Hsi Lai Temple are held in the “Hall of the Great Hero”, which is the main shrine at the temple. Entering the main hall was like entering another world it was so peaceful inside and the smell of incense throughout the temple just made the experience that much better. Inside the hall was a huge statue of the great Buddha, along the walls were row after row of miniature statues of Buddha. They explained that these statues represented a notion that Buddha’s teachings are everywhere and anyone can achieve enlightenment by practicing the way of the Buddha. Also included in the Sunday service were recitations of the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha, the Amitabha Sutra, and the eighty eight Buddha’s Great Repentance Service. Inside the “Hall of the Great Hero” people would light incense and place it between there palms and bow to the Historical Buddha, bowing is a humble expression of respect and appreciation for the historical Buddha. The most memorable part of my visit to the Hsi Lai Temple was the

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