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Ethics Research Paper Makadrian Holsey HSER 511-D12 Dr. Brunstetter May 14, 2012 Liberty University Abstract When a person thinks of ethics they think it’s something dealing with a right or wrong answer. Ethics is much deeper than that, in this paper I will explain what ethics is and how it affects how people make decisions and lead their lives. Ethics covers how to live a good life, the language of right and wrong, moral decision and finally our rights and responsibilities. Furthermore, I will explain how ethics is a part of therapy and without ethics therapy could have not grown to be successful it is field today. This paper will also discuss what therapy is and does because when most people think of therapy, they think of counselors helping people with their problems no matter what. Even though therapy is a services provided to help the individual get to the root of the problem, people do not know if individual or group therapy is best for them. This paper will discuss that as well and explain the pros and cons of individual and group therapy. Ethics Research Paper Ethics: Ethics refers to standards of conduct, standards that indicate how one should behave based on moral duties and virtues, which themselves are derived from principles of right and wrong. In order to apply this definition to practical…show more content…
Some individuals feel that group therapy may be too threatening because you are letting other individuals know your business and you may feel uncomfortable about that. Another con is group therapy specifically for anxiety disorders and that may not be provided in the area that you life in (Schneier & Welkowitz, 1996). Individual therapy provides individuals greater availability, one-on-one attention and a greater focus on your specific issues. Individual therapy has been a treatment of choice for the one who are suffering (Schneier & Welkowitz,

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