Hsc300 Unit 3 Assignment

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SUPPLY CHAIN TASK 1 Cheri Jill Upshaw August 12, 2014 A. See Attached 1. Final Cumulative Balance Scorecard From Quarter 5 2. Income Statement From Quarter 5 3. Balance Sheet From Quarter 5 B. 1. I chose Airborne for the name of my microcomputer company in the Marketplace Simulation. I chose the name based on the first letter of the alphabet is A. When doing searches the beginning of the alphabet comes up more often and since computers transmit information via the cloud or other signals in the air, I chose Airborne. The simulation itself was a helpful tool to pull all the information together while doing the calculations. I used the pro forma statements and budgets to plan for the overall formation and growth of the company. I used them to…show more content…
However, this year, Westinghouse backed their HVAC units with the best warranty in the industry of ten year full parts and labor and if the compressor goes out during that ten year period, the customer gets a brand new unit. When Kia started its brand , it offered the best warranty in the car industry at no additional costs to the consumer. Customers will take a chance on a new product that is backed by a good warranty. If the company builds a quality product to begin with, then offering a top warranty sounds enticing to the consumer without costing the company an excessive amount. Since quality builds or destroys a company’s reputation, it is an important as the product itself. By continuously monitoring the quality of the entire company operation, it is easy to determine what and when something needs fixing or adjusting. It is more cost effective to fix or adjust something in the beginning that to wait until later when it costs more and may have damaged the company in sales or its reputation. Within the confines of Airborne, the company could have hired a quality assurance officer to randomly inspect the products them selves as well as well as meeting with the employees themselves at regular intervals to insure employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees build better products. One tool that can be used is Benchmarking to select the highest standard for

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