Hsc300 Unit 2

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Q2 Increasing the awareness of the product Getting new customers to try and stick with a brand is an essential part of any brand's strategy. Customer loyalty drives revenue, and brand recognition is a key way to increase customer loyalty. By getting a brand's name out there and accentuating the positive aspects, internet marketing can improve consumer sentiment and increase profits. SEO (Search Engine optimisation) SEO is an important aspect of internet marketing. Reaching to the top of the suggestions of search engines must be given a priority. Most of the studies also point out that only a few people bother to go beyond the first page of suggestions provided by search engines. Trying to include the keywords like floral decorations, gifts,…show more content…
for our business will enhance the business. It makes it easy for the customers to reach out to us. Moreover it creates a personalised feel for the users. Giving out offers via apps will also create an edge. Calendar reminders Providing reminder facilities for registered users will creates value. The idea is such that the website offering customers to store certain important dates. The reminder will then alarms the user as a week or two before this date as per his/her convenience. Suggestions about the gifts can also be made according to the occasion. Delivery timing Various options for timing the delivery can also be provided over website. It gives more room for flexibility to the customers. Charging can be also be based on the urgency of the customers (e.g. Overnight delivery can charged more than a fortnight delivery). Gift vouchers Giving away gift vouchers above a particular limit will also attract business. Vouchers should be such that it can be exercised for our products within a certain period of time. Same can be done for bulk orders and regular customers like
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