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HSC2028 Move and Position individuals Mrs Adams is 86 years old and is in a nursing home. She is unable to weight bear and her health has recently deteriorated so she can no longer get out of bed. Mrs Adams is very frail and is incontinent. The nurse has recently done a risk assessment on Mrs Adams and this states that she needs to be turned every two hours with the use of a glide sheet and two carers. You visit Mrs Adams and greet her explaining you need to turn her now, but she refuses your help and just wants to be left alone. She will not allow you and your colleague to change her position. What is the conflict/dilemma in this scenario? The client is not allowing me to make any changes to her position in bed. It is Mrs Adams right to refuse any help or assistance through the Mental Capacity Act. What are the risks in this scenario? Mrs Adams refusing to allow me to move or adjust her position in bed is creating a high risk of pressure sores How can you try and resolve this conflict, what skills are needed? I would try and explain the situation in its entirety to Mrs Adams, and explain the outcome and seriousness of the possible symptoms that may occur if she was to not allow us to change her position as required. I would also seek the advice of a district nurse, and ask her to also explain in hope that it might make Mrs Adams see what is best for her in the long run. Who can you seek support and advice from in this situation, what action may they take? I would need to seek the authority of an advocate that can make that choice whether of not the service user lacks the capacity to make the right choice, possibly making the decision for her and take over her choices with regards to her wellbeing. Name 2 pieces of legislation that relates to moving and handling. What are the main points of these legislation? What are yours and your employer’s

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