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Manage Personal Development. Unit CU8555 1.1 My work role performance and requirements are to lead a team and ensure the shift is run correctly and smoothly, as a team leader I am to delegate tasks to team members, to ensure the objectives are met on time and to a high standard. To communicate clearly and ensure all team members understand tasks delegated, ensure that complaints are handled in a correct manor and reported to the manager. 2.1 Being a team leader means setting objectives, these objectives must be clear, measurable and have a time element to work towards to ensure my progress is met. For example if I set an objective for completing my medication round on time because doctor visits are due shortly after, I ensure I have completed this objective in time for my next task. 3.1 Knowledge and skills required from a team leader are to communicate clearly with your staff to ensure they understand what is expected. Flexibility and time management is required to enable the shifts to run smoothly. To be able to resolve problems in a professional manor, to know who to report any complaints or problems that occur. Have good problem skills and decision making, have knowledge of legal acts and policy’s to enable safe and correct work is carried out. 3.2 Opportunities and resources are available at my work place on a notice board we have witch will show any up coming in-house training, online training courses are available to me witch I can bring forward to my manager for attendance. My manager can also arrange any courses and training that I need to update. 4.1 In my development plan witch you will find attached I disused completing my nvq 2 in teamleading witch my manager has arranged for me to complete I am meeting my goals and progressing further training courses with my manager to arrange for me to complete these as soon as they

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