Hsc Level 2 Assignment 204 - Task B

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Assignment 204 – Task B Research and account. I am basing my research and account on two reports. My choices are: Winterborne View Care Home, Bristol and Hillcroft Care Home, Lancashire Winterborne View Care Home, Bristol - Research Hundreds of cases of violent abuse were ignored by authorities. Learning disability sufferers complained that they were being beaten, kicked, slapped, taunted and needlessly restrained by staff at Winterbourne View Care home Residents within the Winterborne View Care home had been taken into A&E over 76 times in 3 years, in which medics were not alerted to contact authorities. A serious case review found that patients and families complaints were wrongly ignored by care firm Castlebeck, health watchdogs, the NHS, the police and South Gloucestershire council. South Gloucestershire Council received 27 allegations of abuse by staff. Police recorded 29 allegations. Castlebeck logged 379 “physical interventions” during 2010 and 129 for the first quarter of 2011. Just eight incidents were reported to the NHS. Report author and independent regulator Dr Margaret Flynn said the true figure was much higher. Four people were arrested after BBC Panorama revealed a pattern of serious abuse at the Winterbourne View private hospital near Bristol. The programme set up undercover filming after it was approached by former nurse Terry Bryan. Hospital's owners Castlebeck, apologised and suspended 13 employees. NHS South West said it was "appalled" and the Care Quality Commission said there was an "unforgivable error of judgement" in not investigating earlier abuse claims. Hillcroft Care Home, Lancashire - Research In October 2012 six care workers were arrested in connection with abuse in Hillcroft Care Home near Lancashire. The police were called into the home of May that year, after a complaint from staff. Five nurses and one matron

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