Hsc Diploma Level 3 Unit 4222-378

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CONTRIBUTE TO THE SUPPORT OF PEOPLE WITH AUTISTIC SPECTRUM CONDITIONS Understand the meaning of the term “autistic spectrum conditions” THE AUTISTIC SPECTRUM An Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) is a life long pervasive developmental condition caused by a neurological dysfunction, which affects 120,000 people in Great Britain. There Is a wide variation in individuals within the ’autistic spectrum’, both in the degree they are affected by the disorder and in the ways in which they may be affected by associated difficulties. The word ‘autism’ and ‘autistic’ come from the geek word ‘autos’, which means ‘self’. the reason this word is used to describe this group of people relates to their isolation from normal social behaviour. ASC affects more males than females; a ratio of approximately 5:1 overall. However, with severe or profound learning disabilities, the excess of males is less marked. People with ASC’s do not necessarily fall into a convenient stereotype but can appear to be very different to each other. There is a number of reasons for this: ASC is caused by a combination of three particular impairments, each of which can vary in severity I addition to these three impairments, some 75% of people with ASC are affected by a learning disability which can vary in severity, the majority of these people need some form of support service to help them survive society and, hopefully, gain some independence to help them to live as normally as possible. Each person with an ASC has their own individual personality and is a unique individual, as are we all. 1 There is a range of conditions to be found
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