Hsc 500: The Research Process

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1.1 Discussion: The Research Process Shirlette M. Moore BC 500: Business Research Methods Dr. Jacqueline Chesnut 11/05/14 The Research Process My paper, discusses two articles on the applications with the research process. The types of research they conduct are very different. However, I will analyze their different steps while explaining the significance of their research process. While conducting their research, both articles, utilized the quantitative and qualitative methods. These two methods are very different, therefore I will explain the contrasting ways the applications become beneficial. The first article is based on the activity of mediation in different jurisdictions. The research took place within different…show more content…
This is a qualitative research. Interview technique was used to collect data and the data were analyzed using quantifying the qualitative data (Yapici, 2014). The research managed to utilize the applications to gain valuable information and quantify the information by utilizing variables of age and gender. The questions were based on the simple focus of who they preferred and why? After receiving the contrasting information of research, they made sure to include the element of ethics. In research processes, ethics often focus on building authentic relationships between the researcher and the participants (Archerof, 2014). Prior to interviewing they discussed the elements of the research and assured them their answers were for the sole purpose of research. Once all of the data was collected, the researchers were able to identify the contrasting questions of what gender they preferred and why. The results from the interviews were successful because they were able to combine and utilize different applications to conduct their…show more content…
They were two different articles with contrasting elements of applications for the research process. Even though the objectives differed, I was able to analyze how the methods were the same. Mediation activity was measured and MRI was able to be enhanced because of the combination of quantitative data and qualitative interviews. The pre service interviews were able to identify the qualities information and quantify the data. Both outcomes were positive; and they were able to combine, apply as well as balance with what research is needed before applying the methods to the research process. References Archerof, R. (2014) Module 1: The Business Process Research and Ethics. Theme 1: Business Research Theme 2: The Language of Research Theme 3: Ethics in Research. Jones International University. Retrieved from. https://coursesjones.edu.display.jkg?courseSectionId=348364&uid=10543&tpl=frameset. Sander, Frank E.A. "Developing the MRI." Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution 23.3 (2007): 599+. Retrieved from. https://web.b.ebcohost.com.jiuproxy.egloballibrary.com Web.04 Nov 2014. Yapici, Senay. "Preservice Teachers Preferences About Instructor Gender." Melvana International Journal of Education 4.1 (2014): 141-49. Retrieved from. https://web.b.ebcohost.co.jiuproxy.egloballibrary.com. Web.04

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