Hsc/483 Week 2 Proposal Summary

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Proposal Summary Keith Fonseca HCS/483 April 27, 2015 Ricky Delatte Proposal Summary There are many new technologies that are shaping the future of health care. Games are on our computers and phones. Combining fun and games into healthcare apps can motivate patients. It could also help to collect data needed to make informed decisions on daily activities that contribute to one’s health. Making a game out of health tracking creates an environment that keeps the patient from straying from the appropriate therapy path (Szczerba, 2014). Another technology that is trending in health care is robot assisted surgeries. Robot assisted surgery can enhance the skill of the surgeon, while allowing for less invasive procedures. Advanced robots will be able to perform an operation from continents away with more precision than a surgeon. Robots will never replace a surgeon, but they will become much more integrated into surgical teams in the future (Szczerba, 2014). Personalized medicine is another trending technology. DNA analysis will become a standard step before prescribing medicine or treatment, to ensure it is personalized and optimized for that particular patient’s metabolic background (Szczerba, 2014). With the aid of a 3D printer, we can manufacture medical equipment, prostheses, and even drugs. 3D printing will also play a vital role in regenerative medicine, to create tissue that contains blood vessels, bone, heart valves, ear cartilage, synthetic skin, and even organs. 3D printing is becoming increasingly affordable and open source engineering allows the applications for 3D printing to be incredibly vast and beneficial (Szczerba, 2014). Perhaps the coolest technology trend in health care is the exoskeleton suit. Sounds like it could give you super powers right? Well close. Exoskeleton suits have enabled partially paralyzed individuals to walk again. By

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