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Unit 4222-331 Support use of medication in social care settings (HSC 3047) Gemma Marshall The legislation that governs the use of medication in social care setting is Regulation 13 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (REgulated Activities) Regulations 2009: · 13(1) The registered person must protect service users against the risks asssociated with the usafe use and management of medicines, by means of making appropriate arrangements for the obtaining, recording, handling, using, safekeeping, dispensing, safe administration and disposal of medicines for the purposes of the regulated activity. · 13(2) In making the arrangements referred to in paragraph (1), the registered person must have regard to any guidance issued by the secretary of state or an appropriate expert body in relation to the safe handling and use of medicines. The misuse of drugs act 1971, mental capacity act 2005, health and safety at work act 1974, access to health records act 1990, data protection act 1998, COSHH regulations 1999, care standards act 2000, administration and control of medicines in care homes and childrens services june 2003 and Hazardous waste regulations 2005 are also relevant to the use of medication in social care settings. Medicines are all classified by the medicines act 1968. these are the 4 main classifications of medicine; · General sale list medicines (GSL) such as paracetamol · Pharmacy medicines (P) such as chloramphenicol eye drops · Prescription only medicines (POM) such as Eumovate Cream · Controlled Drugs (CD) such as Ritalin and Oramorph 100mg Policies and procedures must reflect and incorporate legislative requirements because policies and procedures are set out through legislation. The policies and procedures put in place make sure that legislation is being followed so that all people in the setting

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