Hsc 3 Unit 34

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UNIT 4 VICTORIA WESSELS ID: 1094182 1.1 EXPLAIN WHAT IT MEANS TO HAVE A DUTY OF CARE IN OWN WORK ROLE. Duty of care is a legal obligation to all health care providers to be constantly aware of the wellbeing of service users, colleagues and others and to take reasonable steps to ensure that no one comes to harm as a result of action or inaction. This applies to all people the carer comes into contact with, especially, children, young people and elderly service users because they may not be able to meet their own needs and cannot simply spot potential dangers. In my role as a care worker, I owe a duty of care to support and act in the best interest of service users, colleagues and even I, to ensure my work role is carried out safely and effectively taking into consideration the care home’s policies and procedures. It also my duty of care to provide high quality care to the best of my ability, if not, to inform my employer the reason why I am unable to do so and when acting on behalf of a service user, I am to seek he or her consent unless I have evidence to prove that he or she lacks the mental capacity to make that particular decision at the time it needs to be made. (Reference: health and social care level 3, own work experience and researched work). 1.2 EXPLAIN HOW DUTY OF CARE CONTRIBUTES TO THE SAFEGUARDING OR PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUALS. The following are some of the aspects of duty of care in safeguarding individuals in the care setting: WHISTLEBLOWING POLICY It is the care home policy that all carers must report directly or anonymously incidents of improper conducts that compromises service user’s safety and this includes evidence or suspicions of bad practice by colleagues, supervisors, line managers and general staff and abuse of a service user by another, abuse of a service users’ family member and friends, potential abuse and situations of

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