Hsc 24 5.4

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2.1 By finding out about life history, wishes, and needs we can ensure that peoples needs are met. It aids both care planning and risk assessments, as individual choices are high lighted. All people are allowed to make choices and take risks. By looking at previous life style we can see if these are justified and usual for that person. Life history reflects attitudes and behaviour as well as social activities. It should also look at relationships between family and friends, work colleagues and others significant to the individual. 2. This life history information can be very useful in difficult situations e.g. If a person is acting in a sexually inappropriate way, we could look at the behaviour and the communication behind it . It may…show more content…
The use of emphatic thinking is also useful , put yourself in the place of others , what would you want . 5 5.1 You can help people make informed choices by , explaining options using different techniques . Presenting information in a way they can understand . Use different methods such as pictures , laptop , sign language . Use the environment , aid relaxation , quiet , not rushed . Body language and eye contact . 5.2 If people are not sure about decisions made by others on their behalf , help them to understand . Explain if they are not happy you will help them to speak out , ask them what they are not happy with , and tell them they have the right to challenge decisions . If people do not actively say they are not happy , actions and body language may point to this . 5.3 The consequences may be that the person may make a choice that they later regret or worse . This may have a big impact on their life or the lives of others , people can feel very bad about this . People should be helped to make choices based on factual information . Sometimes people think they are helping by giving advise based on what they think is right . As we are all individuals one size doesn’t fit all . Culture and background should be considered
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